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Add image and/or text watermarks in bulk to your photo collection
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Stating the ownership of your digital photos, especially if you intend to share them online, is a must for any amateur or professional photographer. Mass Watermark allows you to perform that – otherwise tedious – operation in bulk, adding your preferred text and/or image watermark to your entire photo collection (or to selected folders or image files) in just one go. Additionally, you have the possibility of resizing, enhancing, and converting your pictures as a part of the watermarking process.

You can load any amount of images, from individual files to entire folders with or without their subfolders. Remember that Mass Watermark will perform all the functions you select to all the images in the program’s main interface. This means that if you want your watermark to appear in different places on different photos or if you think the new size or any of the edits you apply to them won’t fit all the images you selected, you’ll need to distribute your collection into different batches.

Watermarks can be designed using a wide variety of text options, your logo, or any other image of your choice. Text can be customized not only in terms of size and font, but also in color and transparency level. You can add borders in a different color, rotate the text, and even add symbols (like the copyright symbol) among others. You can then place the watermark either manually or in any of the 11 fixed spots that the program offers (top left, bottom right, etc.).

To me, the great thing about this tool is the choice of other useful operations that you can add to the watermarking process. Thus, you can enhance all the photos selected by applying your preferred contrast and brightness levels to all of them, by resizing them to the dimensions of your choice, by boosting up some specific color, or by rotating and cropping them. The program supports EXIF metadata, meaning that you can not only retain any already existing data, but also add you own author, subject, camera model, date, comment, and copyright info to bulk of your photos at once. You can always preview the results on the image of your choice before launching the watermarking process.

Having the possibility of watermarking any amount of image files in one single operation should be enough to make you want to try Mass Watermark. If you add to that the option to change the size, contrast, adjust EXIF data, it makes this tool hard to resist. All you have to do is find your way around its somehow cluttered interface and try all the buttons you bump into to discover all of the program’s possibilities. You’ll be surprised of the things Mass Watermark can do for your photos in one go.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes support for EXIF tags
  • Lets you upload your images to Flickr and Picasa directly
  • Editing tools to resize, crop, and rotate images
  • Selectable output quality and format
  • Performs multiple tasks in one single operation


  • The main interface looks a bit cluttered
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